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TOPIC: Hinduism in America - via 'Spices of Liberty'

Hinduism in America - via 'Spices of Liberty' 8 years 3 months ago #28040

ITDF is pleased to come up with a sensational fun-filled musical event called Yaadein-2 - Bollywood Musical Concert on Jan 23rd from 6 PM at Hindu Society of North Carolina.

Talented local artists are going to sing and dance the melodies from Bollywood Movies to entertain you all during this event. Apart from the music concert, another attraction of the Yaadein-2 event will be to introduce the community to our soon-to-be released American feature film 'Spices of Liberty', a movie made by local filmmakers and artists here. They will share their experience in movie making and also launch the promos of the movie. This is the first English language full-length feature film made by passionate and creative folks in our very community.

Few of the Local faces in the movie are:

Subhash Thakur: Plays a small, interesting role as a police officer watching out for the public's interests. Subhash acted the role of the cop so well that it is hard to imagine that this is his 1st acting venture, as it is for many artists in the movie.

Chandan Dash: He is the main script writer of the movie and he also plays an on-screen acting role of the best friend of the main hero, providing good advice to the hero and some comic relief. "Spices of Liberty" is his 2nd feature-length movie script, after writing his 1st movie "Beyond the Frog's Well" over a decade ago, even though it did not get filmed, or sold to Hollywood.

Prathyusha Yanigandhla: An upcoming talented artist from the Washington DC area, she provides excellent supporting cast by playing the love interest of hero's best friend. She used to make the R/T journey from DC to RTP for filming on multiple occasions. He commitment to acting and her acting skills is bound to make her a sought-after actress in future movie projects too.

Ramesh Kalagnanam: A wise man in real life, a wise actor too, he was perfect to play the role of the wise, visiting grandfather of the movie's heroine Radha. He provides thought-provoking wisdom of the ages for the audience to ponder upon, long after the movie is over.

Usha Bajpai: A polished, seasoned stage actor and performer, she makes the leap on to the silver screen by delivering her widely-acclaimed performance of the wise grandmother of 'Radha'. Her talent in portraying various characters is unmatched in the community as she is a stage genius who can play mythological or criminal or young diva or old person roles, among many others, with equal conviction.

Prakash Patel: A pride of our community, having won numerous awards for his modeling roles, including Mr. India Galaxy, he has represented the best of Indian-American values at several events in the NY-NJ area and other areas of the US. Playing the role of Venu, he is Radha's childhood friend entering her life at various stages. Prakash is also an upcoming movie star of other feature film projects currently in production and is constantly in demand for his modeling looks and persona.

Ajay and Suhasini: The main lead, the hero and heroine, the stars of the feature film, theyhave immense acting talent and they both hail from Hyderabad, India. A true acting challenge to portray the characters of 2nd generation Americans, they both fit the cast perfectly after adapting perfectly to the role they were supposed to play. Their chemistry on screen can be compared to any A-list natural hero-heroine chemistry that we have enjoyed in classic Hollywood or Bollywood movies

Event: Date 23rd January 2016 at 6 PM
Venu: Hindu Society of North Carolinat

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Hinduism in America - via 'Spices of Liberty' 8 years 3 months ago #28042

Good luck Goli!! We will be there to support the Yaadein-2 and movie promo launch.

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Hinduism in America - via 'Spices of Liberty' 8 years 2 months ago #28045

Thank you Satish.

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