Dr. Sudha DhingraDr. Sudha Om Dhingra is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of Hindi language.  She is the president of Vibhom Enterprises. She has authored 12 books, recorded one CD and an audio cassette.  She has also contributed poems and stories to 18 books. She has hosted numerous kavi sammelans, kavi ghoshti's and cultural programs.  She has established Vibhutee, an organization to help disadvantaged and distraught women, children and senior citizens in USA.  She is editor of the Hindi Chetna, a magazine published by the Hindi Pracharini Sabha, Canada.  She is the USA representative of Pravasi Today, published from Delhi, India, and a columnist for Vishva magazine(USA) , daily news paper Punjab Kesari, Hind Samachar, and Jagvani published from Jalandhar, Punjab, India.  She is on the board of trustees of Hindi Vikas Mandal and National coordinator & Board of Director of International Hindi Association. She is also the cutural attache of Radio Sabrang, Denmark. She is also a member of the Pratham NC core committee. Her poems, stories, interviews, and articles are published in numerous online and International print magazines.   She has received numerous awards from local and international organizations for her service to community and hindi literature. She came to US in 1982 and she is living in Triangle area since 1991.  Here are some excerpts from my discussion with Dr. Sudha Om Dhingra

Kubi: When did you start working in arts and literature?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: It all started from childhood. I wrote my first poem when I was six. I was a child radio artists.  Performed in Dooradharshan, Jalandhar, Punjab and was also involved in live performances on stage.  I got gold medal in stage plays.  I did my MA and Ph.D in Hindi.

Kubi: What inspired you to work for the advancement of Indian languages in the USA?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: I came to St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1982.  There was no temple, cultural, and literary activities. I was worried that our next generation would not have a chance to learn our culture, language and values.  I formed an India arts group and started radio program, organized stage plays, and started teaching Hindi language to children in the basement of my house. I also started teaching Hindi at the Washington University, St. Louis.  I encouraged people who used to write poetry before coming to USA to pick-up their pen and start writing again. I organized Kavi Goshti's for local poets at my house to provide them a platform for reciting their poems and encourage each other. I encouraged everyone to celebrate their festivals and speak their native language at home so that their children pick-up the language from them.

Kubi: When was first kavi sammelan organized?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: I organized my first kavi sammelan in St. Louis in 1984 after joining the International Hindi Association. Hasya kavi Kaka Hathrasi & Virendra Tarun from India were invited and ever since Kavi sammelans have been held every year.   

Kubi: Tell me about your initial work in the triangle area?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: We moved to the triangle area in 1991. My son was 5 yrs old and we were very happy to find that this area had a vibrant Indian community and a Hindu temple located in Morrisville.  I was introduced to Mrs. Sharma and we opened a local chapter of the International Hindi Association. I continued the tradition of organizing Kavi sammelans, started in St. Louis, in the triangle area as well as encouraged local hindi poets to recite poems at get-togethers. I have very good support from Mrs. Saroj Sharma and ever since I moved here, we have organized many temple, Hindi Vikas Mandal, and International Hindi Association programs and events, especially Kavi Sammelans.

Kubi: What is the best achievement in life that you felt most happy about?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: When a person comes to me with a personal problem and  I see happiness on that person's face after his/her problem is solved gives me most happiness. Spreading happiness and helping needy families is my motto in life. I respect everyone's privacy and do not disclose their information to anyone.

Kubi: Tell me more about Vibhutee?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: Vibhutee is the philanthropic arm of Vibhom Enterprises and it helps disadvantaged and distraught women in USA.  Usually Indian men like their wives to work like American women and want them to be like an Indian wife at home. Indian women need to prove themselves at work and also be a good Indian wife & mother at home.  They go through lot of pressure in US because there is no support system which understands their culture. Sometimes, they cannot keep the balance.  I help people to learn and achieve the balance required to lead a fulfilling life.

Kubi: What is the work that you are most proud of?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: I enjoy every work I do. I enjoy every moment. I do my work with my heart and dedication. I forget all the bad experiences with people and remember only good things about them.

Kubi: What type of books do you write?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: I write poetry and story books. My books focus on nature, culture, women issues and the social challenges they face in everyday life.
Dr. Sudha Om Dhingra

Kubi: Please tell me about your involvement in Triangle Indian community Services
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: I am involved in many local nonprofit organizations. Some notable examples are: Hindu Society of North Carolina, Hindi Vikas Mandal, International Hindi Association, Heritage Society, Pratham, and Ekal Vidyalya.

Notes from Kubi: Dr. Sudha Dhigra was also involved in the following community services-
She was board of director for Indian Classical Music & Dance Society (ICMDS).
She has helped various organizations (e.g., HSNC, AID, CRY, ASHA, Pratham, EKAL, HVM, and IHA) raise funds through shows and other events.

Kubi: Any Departing thoughts you would like to share with us?
Dr. Sudha Dhingra: Spread your native language and encourage your kids to speak in your native language at home.  Teach your kids about our culture, our festivals and our roots.  Take them regularly to temple.   Create an environment so that they feel proud to be an Indian. My life is dedicated to spreading the Hindi language with all my energy, mind, and wealth ( Tan, Man, Aur Dhan!)

Comments from Kubi: I was amazed by Dr. Sudha Dhingra's determination to pass the Indian culture & language to the next generation and address the social issues of Indians in U.S. She lives in Morrisville with her husband  Dr. Om Dhingra. She can be reached at 919-678-9056.

Dr. Sudha Dhingra's blog & web-site

Dr. Sudha Dhingra has authored following books -

  1. Maa Ne Kaha Tha(CD/casette)
  2. Mera Dava Hai (Poetry book)
  3. Talash Pahchan Ki (Poetry book)
  4. Parikrama (Novel)
  5. Vasooli (Story Book)
  6. Saphar Yadon Ka ( Poetry)
  7. Pairan De Padah(Punjabi)
  8. Sandali Booha(Punjabi)
  9. Dhoop Se Roothi Chandani(Poetry book)
  10. Kaun Si Zamin Apni (Story Book)
  11. Tarnedo( Punjabi)
  12. Kamara Number 103 ( Story Book )

Dr. Sudha Dhingra has contributed in the following books -

  1. Vishva Tere Kavya Suman
  2. Pravasi Hastakshar
  3. Pravasina Ke Bol
  4. Sakshatkar
  5. Shabd Yog
  6. Pravasi Awaz
  7. Saat Samunder Paar Se
  8. Pashchim ki purvai
  9. Uttari America Ke Hindi Sahitykar
  10. Hindi Ka Pravasi Sahitya 
  11. Desh Deshantar 
  12. Baaten
  13. Kathantar
  14. Hindi kI Vaishvik Kahaniyan
  15. Deshantar ( Pravasi Bhartiyon Ki Kahaniyan)
  16. Deshantar ( Pravasi Bhartiyon Ki Kavitayen)
  17. Kahaniyan Amerika ki
  18. Laghukathayen Jeevan Mulyon Ki

Dr. Sudha Om Dhingra's writings are also available on these online sites -

Triangle's own Dr. Sudha Om Dhingra's story book "Kaun Si Zamin Apni" receives 2012 Akhil Bhartiya Ambikaprasad Divya Samriti Prathistha Puruskar" read more..

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