We are the fastest growing and experienced IT consulting and staffing company registered in the state of Texas,NJ and few other locations. To expand our growth we are looking for a Graduate student hiring professional. This is primarily a commission based role along with base salary including expenses (phone, internet, university visits related etc.) paid separately. 

You will be part of our “Talent Interaction Program” which helps company to build unique talent for its meeting demands with its fortune 500 clients

This is a travel based position, you are free to work from home in the remaining days.


Good experience/knowledge in interaction with young talent and explain the goals of organisation 

*Ability to develop good friendly relationship and proper follow ups with graduating students for talent search

*Good organizational skills ,ability to self- manage, prioritize initiatives . 

*Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

*Must travel to nearby states and get the information to get the students data in universities 

*Must have hands on experience in MS office, including Word and Excel. 

*Should be able to travel 50% of the time and regularly interact with the graduating students

*Must be able to identify potential opportunities in hiring the young talent and follow up with them regarding training and placements

Any valid Visa is fine to apply no restrictions

Interested candidates can respond with the resume and send email to, Ph No: (214) 556-6270



Rakesh Dandam
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