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Description: MicroStrategy : MicroStrategy is a complete set of tools for the creation, deployment, support, and maintenance of business intelligence applications.The company has entered into the mobile BI market with products such as MicroStrategy Mobile and MicroStrategy Mobile Suite. MicroStrategy one of the Best business intelligence soft wares in the market. MicroStrategy is offereing high salaries in the current software market than any other Business Intelligence tools. Navapaatasala: Navapaatasala provides online courses for Business intelligence professionals, from novice to expert in MicroStrategy. If you are a busy professional working and wanting to learn MicroStrategy or If you already working in Business intelligence environment and want to excel in the skill Navapaatasala is a right place for you. We are offering multiple courses in MicroStrategy which suits individual requirements. Our trainers are currently working in US and we provide you material Microstrategy Training Onine. (Administration, Architect and Report Development) Duration: 30+ Hours Topics to be covered: 1. INTRODUCTION 2. Business Intelligence 3. OLAP 4. Introduction of BI tools 5. Database Overview 6. INTRODUCTION OF MICROSTRATEGY 7. Microstrategy Architecture 8. Microstrategy Desktop 9. Microstrategy Web 10. Microstrategy Servers 11. Administration 12. Folder Structure 13. My Personal Objects 14. Public Object 15. Schema Object 16. Metadata 17. Report View 18. Data – Export 19. AutoStyles 20. Custom Groups 21. Facts 22. Tables 23. Update Schema 24. MicroStrategy Tutorial (Direct) 25. ADVANCE FEATURES 26. Project Configuration 27. Attribute Creation 28. Metric Creation 29. Drill Map 30. Templates 31. Prompt 32. Filter 33. Administration Facts 34. Creation Of Reports 35. Grid Report 36. Analyzing Data 37. Transformations 38. Hierarchies 39. Data Explorer 40. Adhoc Report 41. Report Creation on Web 42. Searches 43. Documents 44. Joins 45. EXPERTS FEATURES AND ADMINISTRATION 46. Project 47. Installation 48. Intelligence Server 49. User Creation 50. User Privilege 51. Security Implementation 52. Object manger 53. Command Manager 54. Formatting Report 55. Understanding Requirement 56. Performance Improvement 57. SQL Creation 58. Challenges in Report 59. Administrative Configurations Classes will be for 1 Month Approx with 1 hr each class duration. Please visit our site www.navapaatasala.com for more details. For more details Please feel free to contact Santhosh 978 344 2633 ( US )


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