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Room $375(Including All Utilities) Month2Month-NoLease Male Bachelor

We have a shared room and shared bathroom for rent in our 2 BHK apartment .

Our current roommate will move out on 15th May,so it would be available from 16th May but flexible between (1-15)May.

Rent + Utilities + Power + Water + Internet = $375

* Most of the IT companies and Pharma companies(also to RTP, Metlife, Cisco, Fidelity, Verizon, Deutsche bank, Fidelity,IBM etc) is between 1-4 Mile very nearby.

* Indian groceries(Patel Brothers,SpiceHut etc),Wallmart,HarrisTeater,Doller Tree and Indian restaurants are walkable distance.

* GoCary Route 1,Route 2,Route 3 and Go Trangle bus are just beside the room.

Currently 3 of us used to cook together and share the food cost equally and have besic utensils ,

if you are interested you are okay to join or have on your own.

House location - Rosedown Drive,Cary-27513

Contact No - 9197938082


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