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Automotive Embedded C Development in-class training with in-house projects

Course Information

AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) a worldwide consortium of OEMs, suppliers and other companies, Fusion founded in 2003 have been working on the development and introduction of an open and standardized software architecture for the automotive industry.

AUTOSAR concept is based on modular components with defined interfaces. AUTOSAR is a layered architecture. In AUTOSAR, the ECU software is abstracted and sub-classified as software(BSW) layer, runtime environment(RTE) and application layer

Target area of training:

1 Embedded software Engineer

2 AUTOSAR Engineer

3 Automotive software Engineer

This course contains Automotive electronics, deals with applications of ECUs. In-vehicle networks description and working, automotive standards in the industry.

*AUTOSAR: need of autosar, layered architecture in an automobile, Methodology of implementation, application layer, simulation of various modules in simulation tools like CANoe etc

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Embedded C with AUTOSAR