Training, In-house project experience (Huge LAB setup) and Placements assistance
Advanced Driver Assistance System Training and Placement Assistance
Target area of training:
	DAS Engineer
	ADAS Developer
	Vehicle sensor Engineer
Course Overview:
This course is designed for people who are willing to take part in novel driver assistance system in present Automotive industry trends. Involves in progressive assisting the driver and reducing/avoiding collision. 
Prototype development of blind-spot detection system in the present cars.

Infotainment & Active Safety
Training, Hands on Experience and Placements Assistance 

Active safety: It’s all about collision avoidance and saving mankind. It’s the primary focus of all the OEM’s in the world. We cannot assume a car from 2020 without active safety equipped with it. 
What does it consists of?
Sensors such as radars and cameras are becoming available with the potential to allow vehicles to reliably recognize conflicts with other vehicles under some conditions. They seem to be easy but there are some interesting questions here
 How does the RADAR work?
How does a CAMERA work? 
Is there any need of fusion between them? 
What are their limitations? Etc..
These questions along with all some others will be discussed thoroughly.
What are the features?
Many features on which future is a dependent.
1)	ACC
2)	FCW
3)	AEB
4)	LDW
5)	LKA
6)	AEB
7)	RBA
8)	TJA
9)	BPA  Etc

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ADAS & Infotainment Training and Placements