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Sai Datta Peetham (SDP) is organizing a grand project called Shirdi in America. The objective of this project is to construct a temple in USA similar to Shirdi in India. Phase-I of this project, called Sthala Seva, is process of acquiring 23 acres of land. SDP envisions the process of acquiring this site as a community process and wishes to involve atleast 100,000 devotees to be able to contribute towards the land. Hence, through this Paduka seva Yatra, the SDP is meeting devotees across USA. Through this seva Yatra, the Shirdi in America message is spread and opportunity is extended to many devotees to participate.​The purpose of this yatra is to identify 1,11,111 Sai devotees and collect $11 Only from each one of them.In this Process we will be bringing "Baba's" Paadukas and baba statue in a pallki  brought from SHIRDI  and hosts will be doing the paaduka pooja and the all the guests will be also performing the pooja for baba's picture. For details pls contact  
Sanjay Mishra-732-226-8126
Suma - 650-766-0460
Shrama ji 336-517-6268.


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