I am looking to rent a 1 bed with attached private bath with walk in closet in a single family home. Local to grocery stores and shopping centers. Includes amenities such as laundry, kitchen, free parking, and has a patio. Rent will be approximately $750 a month plus utilities. The room is available starting October 1st.

Location is off of I-885 at the next exit to RTP (close to all companies like IBM, Fidelity, Lenovo, Cisco, NetApp etc). It is conveniently located close to 10 mins from Davis Drive and Duke, 15 minutes from UNC and NCSU. Looking for a quiet and clean person and is vegetarian. Amenities include indoor and outdoor pool in the community along with access to gym and pool tables. Publix is available at a 5 minute walk along with restaurants and gas station.

A little information about me. I am an IT professional. I am a practical person who is easy to get along with. I generally only have one rule, take care of your own mess and we will get along fine. Additionally, if you have any concerns or problems that arise, feel free to let me know and we can work something out.
Send a message if you have any further inquiries and if you are interested.



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